Semba Comunicação

Semba Comunicação, Agência Angolana de Marcas e Comunicação was created in 2006, with a strong component of creativity. The starting project of the network was a show called Eu na TV, a casting that launched young television talents for the implementation of TPA’s Canal Dois, as well as the implementation of TPA International. They have broad experience in creating and implementing brands such as Bounce, Divas de Angola and Angola 35 Graus, Kizomba Nation. With several partnerships, they developed projects with the brands Elite Model and 7 Maravilhas Naturais de Angola, and also the TV fictional show Voo Directo. They were responsible for the recording and animation of the film Njinga Rainha de Angola, and TV shows Windeck and Jikulumessu, both nominated to the Emmy Awards.