The story starts in Lubango, in 1998. Joel Kapala, a 17 years old young man, was admitted at the Colégio Internacional Santa Agnes, in Luanda, to finish is pre-university education. From that day forward, the audience follows the most important events of his life, from the moment he fell in love with Djamila, to moving to Luanda. What seemed to be a dream come true at first, becomes a nightmare, with episodes of bullying from classmates and even professors. As he moves on to fighting for his dreams in New York, truth is Joel never forgot those who harmed him. Jikulumessu will then show his life as he returns to Luana, where those he seeks vengeance upon live.

Love and hate, hope and despair, loyalty and treason, all these contribute to enrichen the project developed by Semba Comunicação, an original idea of Coréon Dú. Be aware, Jikulumessu was nominated for the 2015 International Emmy “Telenovela”.